The 2019 annual Wing Conference will be held this year on September 7th. This page provides information and links to documents and forms that pertain to the conference. For additional information or questions, please direct your email to

AE will offer Pre-Conference via Zoom transmitted from Wing Headquarters:
Thursday Block 1 (1700-1750): AE101 – course description pending
Friday Block 1 (1700-1750): I’m An AEO?!?! Now What?
Saturday (1 AE Block)
Sunday AE Workshop 
0800-1200: Explore 8 interactive STEM Kit stations
1200-1300: lunch – AEM’s / potential AEM’s welcome
1300-1400: AEM presentation and STEM Kit sampling
1400-1530: AEM register assistance and order your first Kit;
provide resources and website guidance for new AEMs
Airlift participants will leave after lunch.  
Oahu based members will facilitate activities and clean up past 1300.