Executive Staff

Commander: Col. Chantal Lonergan

Co-Vice Commander: Major Lisa Myrick
Chief of Staff: LtCol Marlene Johnson
Advisors to the Commander:
– Col Roger Caires
– Col Patrick Collins
– LtCol Victor Torres

Wing Administrator: Mrs. Renee Ramos


Government Relations

Primary: Lt Col Carswell Ross

1st Advisor: LtCol Victor Torres

CAP-USAF Pacific Liaison Region

Director, Operations (DO): Maj David Reichert USAF

Assistant Director of Operations (PLR ADO): Ed Gelzinis

Administration & Personnel

Director, Admin & Personnel: 1st Lt Cody Mitchell

    Asst Director, Admin & Personnel: C/Col. Andrew Gomes

Aerospace Education

 Director, Aerospace Ed: Capt Martin Guiles

Assistant Aerospace Officer: Caps. Roy Garden

Internal Aerospace Ed Officer: Vacant

External Aerospace Ed Officer: Vacant

Aircraft Maintenance

Director, Aircraft Maintenance: Vacant

   Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Officer: 1st Lt Ronald Carreira

Cadet Programs

Director, Cadet Programs: LtCol Marlene Johnson

   Asst Cadet Programs Devel. Officer: 1stLt Kevin Pagen

           Asst Director of Cadet Programs: Maj Lisa Myrick
Asst Director of Cadet Programs: 1st Lt Patrick Mulligan

    Cadet Activities Officer: Maj Lisa Myrick

    Asst Cadet Activities Officer: 1stLt Pat Mulligan

    Cadet Advisory Council Chairman: C/Maj Zachary Simbajon

    Cadet Advisory Council Vice Chairman: C/2nd Lt Medel Aquino

            Cadet Advisory Council Recorder:  C/Capt Zachary Simbajon


Wing Chaplain: Capt Steven Mendoza

    Character Development Instructor: Lt Col Malcolm Ching

    Character Development Instructor: Capt Christopher Casupang


Director, Communications: 1st Lt Tim Ferran

  1st Asst. Dir, Communications Officer: 1st Lt Paul Ducasse

  2nd Asst. Dir, Communications Officer: 2d Lt Kamalama Kaikuana

  3rd Asst. Communications Officer: F/O Lawrence Ross

  1st GIIEP Program Coordinator: Capt Paul Hirst

   2nd GIIEP Program Coordinator: Capt Adam Orens

    Comm Technical Advisor: Lt Col Paul Rollman


Director, Finance: Lt Col Doug Miller

    Financial Auditor: Col Daniel Bowen

    Contracts Officer: Col Daniel Bowen

Health Services

Health Services Officer: Lt Col Casey Rogers

    Asst Health Services Officer: Maj Dick Tam


Historian: Lt Col Jack Murphy


Information Technology

Director, Information Technology: Capt Joe Bardwell

Asst Wing Info Tech Officer: 2d Lt Anita Bardwell

Inspector General

Inspector General: Maj Lisa Myrick

    Asst IG: Lt Col Ed Green


Legal Officer: Capt Jennifer Coburn



Director, Logistics: 1st Lt Christopher Mitchell

1st Asst Dir Logistics: Vacant

Transportation Officer: 1st Lt Christopher Mitchell

Supply Officer: 1st Lt Christopher Mitchell

Marketing & Public Affairs

Director, Public Affairs: Captain Jen Herrington

Assistant Director, Public Affairs: 1stLt Pat Mulligan

2nd Assistant, Public Affairs: Maj Susan Caires


Director, Operations: Capt Carol Murray

Asst Dir Ops: Capt Joe Bardwell

    Chief, Standardization & Evaluation: Lt Col Robert Becka

    Asst Chief Stan & Eval: Vacant

   Director of Emergency Services: Lt Col Dana McLaughlin

Asst ESO: Vacant

Emergency Services Training Officer (ESTO): Vacant

    Asst ESTO: Lt Col Anthony Ferrara

Search & Rescue Officer: Vacant

Disaster Relief Officer: Vacant

HI ANG Airlift Coordinator: Maj Charles “Chaz” Dryden

Professional Development

Director, Professional Development: Lt Col Ed Green

    1st Asst Dir, Professional Development: Lt Col Caz Ross

Recruiting & Retention

Director, Recruiting & Retention: Vacant


Director, Safety: Lt Col Harold “Wally” Jaynes

 1st Asst Dir Safety:  Lt Col Robert Becka

2nd Asst Dir Safety: Capt Carol Murray