Maui Tsunami Warning Exercise 20-21 Feb 2016


More than 30 cadets and 80 personnel participated in a tsunami warning exercise, with mission base located in Maui. Cadets from Wheeler 9th and Hickam 66th joined cadets from Maui 57th and Maui County 76th with senior members from all over the wing to participate in the exercises. Cadets were able to help with marshaling aircraft, working in mission base with communications and tracking aircrews, as well as being trained in Urban Direction Finding and Ground Team. Capt Chantal Lonergan, Squadron Commander of Maui County 76th, organized the event, and the Cadet Adjutant for the exercise was C/2dLt Conner Jones.


 Cadet Advisory Council Leadership Change 9 Jan 2016


Over the past year, the Hawaii Wing Cadet Advisory Council was a driving force for more active cadet programs. The main role of the CAC is to advise the Wing Commander about the state of cadet programs and provide recommendations on behalf of the Wing Cadet Corps. The following officers led the CAC during this past year:

  • Chairman: C/1stLt Ariana Bean
  • Vice Chairman: C/2dLt Charis Lucero
  • Recorder: C/Maj Andrew Gomes

The outgoing officers were honored for their commitment and hard work this past year with Commander’s Commendations.  After receiving their awards, the new officers were installed:

  • Chairman: C/Maj Andrew Gomes
  • Vice Chairman: C/2dLt Stephen Gonzalez

The Council had voted earlier in the year to forego the use of a Recorder and have the Vice Chairman undertake the duties of the Recorder. In the Hawaii Wing CAC, the Chairman also concurrently serves as the Pacific Region CAC Representative and the Vice Chairman concurrently serves as the Pacific Region CAC Assistant.

Drone Academy Part 1: Familiarization – 9 Jan 2016


3a of 6

32 cadets representing Hickam 66th, Wheeler 9th, Lyman 43rd, Maui 76th, and Kona 60th participated in the first part of a three part Drone Academy. During Part 1, cadets learned the mechanics of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, the basics of flight, and an introductory course in flying. All cadets were able to were able to fly a drone during the course. All cadets that participated are now eligible to attend Part 2 of the Drone Academy in March in which they will be able to build their own UAV.


National Cadet Competition – 29 Dec – 1 Jan 2016


For two months, six cadets from the Hawaii Wing practiced and trained to represent the Wing and Pacific Region and the newly reorganized National Cadet Competition. C/Maj Andrew Gomes served as the team commander with C/SMSgt Daniel Irani, C/SMSgt Matthew Warren, and C/SMSgt Ryan Castillo from Hickam 66th, and C/1stLt Ariana Bean and C/TSgt Matthew Mangold from West Oahu 75th.

The team competed against 16 other teams from the 8 Regions. C/SMSgt Matthew Warren earned 2nd Place in Overall Written Exam, and 2nd Place in Junior Jeopardy.  C/SMSgt Ryan Castillo and C/TSgt Matthew Mangold participated in the rocket build, earning the honors of the rocket gaining the highest altitude in the competition.

Click here to see a video of the competition


Wreaths Across America – 12 Dec 2015

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Cadets and senior members from Hickam 66th, West Oahu 75th and Wheeler 9th participated in the national event honoring veterans with wreaths during the Christmas holiday season. Before laying wreaths on individual resting places, a brief ceremony was conducted by Capt Susan Turner, Squadron Commander of Hickam 66th, the coordinator for the event. One cadet summarized his experience with the following:

“Never have I been so humbled, nor have I been so honored to have the privilege to participate in such an event. I am truly thankful for our nation’s veterans and their sacrifice” – C/TSgt Jonah Lewis.


Cadet Challenge – 5 Dec 2015


Over 50 cadets from Wheeler 9th, Maryknoll 30th, Lyman 43rd, Kona 60th, Hickam 66th, and West Oahu 75th attended the first annual Cadet Challenge. The focus of the Cadet Challenge was to bring cadets together to help in establishing a team mentality for the entire Wing Cadet Corps. During the Challenge, cadets were randomly assigned to teams so that cadets from each squadron were split up to create opportunities to work together with members of other squadrons.

The first part of the day was built on a rotation where cadets participated in six different events including:

  • Creating their own t-shirts with spray paint
  • Going head-to-head with another team in a version of the Hungry-Hungry Hippos
  • Building the tallest tower with uncooked spaghetti
  • Constructing a carrying case to keep a raw egg intact during the entire day
  • A minefield simulation in which one cadet had to lead the entire team blindfolded without hitting an obstacle
  • A challenge problem of moving tennis balls to each member of their team the fastest

Teams then participated in race to a nearby park in which they competed in an obstacle course and 4-way capture-the-flag game. After coming back to Wing Headquarters where the event was held, cadets tested their knowledge in Jeopardy and ended with a push-up contest. The contest was designed to see which team could continuously do the most pushups by tag-teaming members until the entire team could do no more.

C/Capt Andrew Gomes served as the Cadet Adjutant for the day, directing the activity and coordinating with each of the individual events. Recruiters for the Air Force Academy, Air National Guard, and Army donated awards for winners of each event and overall champions.

Quality Cadet Unit Award
01 October 2015

Quality_Cadet_Units 10-01-2015

Two Hawaii squadrons were recognized as Quality Cadet Units for 2015: 66th Composite Squadron and West Oahu Composite Squadron. Congratulations to the two squadrons!

The Quality Cadet Unit Award is an annual recognition for squadrons that meet certain criteria including involvement in the Drug Demand Reduction program, Cyber Patriot, Encampment, and the Aerospace Excellence Award program. Also there are certain measurements the unit must meet or exceed including senior members and cadets involved and specific training that is completed, retention rates, growth, and amount of orientation flights during the year.

Previous Winners Are:

  • HI-009 Wheeler Composite Squadron    2014
  • HI-060 Kona Composite Squadron 2014, 2013, 2012
  • HI-066 Hickam Composite Squadron 2015, 2013, 2012
  • HI-075 West Oahu Composite Squadron 2015, 2013

Wing Cadet Competition
03 October 2015

Wign Cadet Competition 10-03-15

Cadets from five squadrons pushed each other to excellence by competing in the Hawaii Wing Cadet Competition, resulting in selecting a team that will represent Hawaii Wing and Pacific Region at the National Cadet Competition in December. The squadrons competed according to the new regulations set forth for this year for the competition with 6-person teams that represented the following units: Lyman 43rd, Kona 60th, Hickam 66th, West Oahu 75th, and Maui 76th.

The following units took first place in the 6 events:
Written Exam: Hickam 66th
Indoor Posting of Colors: West Oahu 75th
Physical Fitness Test: Kona 60th
Spot Inspection and Uniform Preparation: West Oahu 75th
Team Leadership Problem: Kona 60th
Reveille and Retreat: West Oahu 75th

The overall winners of the Hawaii Wing Cadet Competition were:
First Place: Hickam 66th
Second Place: West Oahu 75th

The cadets chosen to represent the Hawaii Wing and Pacific Region at the National Cadet Competition in December were selected from the two top placing teams and include:
C/Capt Andrew Gomes
C/1stLt Ariana Bean
C/MSgt Daniel Irani
C/MSgt Ryan Castillo
C/MSgt Matthew Warren
C/SSgt Matthew Mangold

The success of the event was due to a very dedicated staff including:

Event Marshals: 1stLt Tyler Givens, 2dLt Creighton Higa
Scorekeepers: Capt Lisa Myrick, 2dLt Chris Mitchell
Cadet Adjutant: C/1stLt Ashley Turner
Cadet Logistic Assistants: C/2dLt Stephen Gonzalez, C/CMSgt Skyler Robinson

The Judges for the competition were active duty Air Force personnel that donated their time to participate:

TSgt Clarence Ling
SSgt Daniel Salisbury
SSgt Edward Lim
SrA Taylor Newman
A1C Kyle Easley

Congratulations to each squadron that fielded a team, for your competitive spirit, and the camaraderie that was built as a wing. Each team and each cadet represented their squadron and our wing well!