The following CAP, FAA, and other documents are available for download:

Aviators and Aircrew Code of Conduct Pamphlets

AF Approved Proficiency Flight Profiles and Checklist

GTX345 Pilot’s Guide

CAPR 70-1 Flight Management (with ICL)

Overwater Operations Waiver – Feb 2018

Member Funded Aircraft Rates (C172, C182)_July 2017

Standard Callouts from the Hawaii Wing DOV Team

OpsQual Guide

Hawaii Wing Long Range Training Plan 20May17

CAP Slow Flight Evaluation Change Notice

Slow Flight Evaluation Standards [2016 Changes]


CAP-USAF Flight Maneuvers Guide – February 2012

CAP Weather Minimums Reg Update 2016

17-B-3052 Tsunami Warning Plan

MS_ICS_214_fill form



Basic Rhotheta Presentation